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Our Honey


Zip Code Local Honey

We coined the term Hyper-Local when we decided to sell our honey based on where the honey bees collect the nectar to make the honey. This is a 100% Pure, Natural, Raw Honey that is extracted, hand bottled and labeled by our head beekeeper and founder Tom Wilk. Each jar is labeled with the zip code the apiary is in. On the bottom of each jar is a sticker with the month of harvest. This is a harvest specific honey.

Our Zip Code Local NYC honeys are all part of the New York State Grown & Certified program.

When doing tastings and our "Bee Talks", one of the favorite things to do is taste different harvests from the same apiary. This shows you that honey does in fact have terrior.

Zip Code Local Honey is currently from our Queens, NY apiaries including 11101 LIC, 11102 Astoria, 11378 Maspeth, 11385 Glendale, and 11385 Ridgewood.

We bottle it for sale in glass honey jars. We sell 8oz Classic Jars as well as 3oz Hexagonal Jars online and at markets. We also bottle 6oz Hexagonal Jars for retailers and special order.

Please Note: Not all zip codes are always available in all sizes as many times our harvests are small.


Gold Coast Honey

Our Hyper-Local Single Harvest Long Island Honey. From our apiary in Nassau County, Long Island, NY. This apiary was started in 2016 and we harvest limited amounts and bottle them in a nifty 8 oz. square glass honey jar.

Our Gold Coast honey is part of the New York State Grown & Certified program.

Each harvest is bottled separately to capture the taste of the flowers our honey bees visited to make this honey. We note the month of harvest on the bottom of each jar making this another harvest-specific honey. As with all the honey collected from our hives, it is 100% Pure Natural Raw Honey and hand-bottled by Tom Wilk our Master Beekeeper.


Varietal Honey

At Wilk Apiary the hyper-local natural raw honey that we collect from our own hives is our primary focus. Being a small producer we usually do not collect enough Zip Code Local Honey to provide to all of our family, friends, and customers.

We source interesting varietal honeys from beekeeping friends who move their honey bees to pollinate different crops. Since they have many more hives and get paid for pollination services, they are able to provide us with honey we can offer to you at a lower cost. Each honey is 100% Pure Natural Raw Honey since we only work with beekeepers that care for their honey bees as well as we do. There are no additives, the variety on the label is the predominant flowers visited by the honey bees used to make the honey.

Please visit our store to see what varieties are currently available as we only get small amounts of each and some types are one-time-only items. Sometimes we get a very small amount that sells out quickly. These honeys are bottled in Classic Style Glass Honey Jars of 8oz. and 16oz. Not all types and sizes are always available.


From the Hive

Honey bees collect and produce other items that people have been using medicinally for hundreds of years. The most popular item is Bee Pollen which is pollen the honey bees collect from the flowers they visit. They put it in baskets on their legs and bring it home to feed their larva as it is their source of protein.

They also harvest resin from trees and mix it with honey and wax to fill in areas of the hive. This sticky substance known as propolis is known to have antibacterial qualities to help keep the honey bees healthy. The nurse bees in the hive produce Royal Jelly from glands in their head. They feed this to all eggs for the first couple of days and to a Queen Bee's larva to help her grow. Along with honey and beeswax, these items have been used for a variety of reasons by humans for millennia. We occasionally have a variety of these items available for sale in our store.


Queens Blossoms Honey

Our Hyper-Local Queens Honey. Each of our apiaries are harvested and extracted separately. We then blend small batches of honey from multiple apiaries and multiple harvests to give a true taste of Queens, New York.

Our Queens Blossoms honey is part of the New York State Grown & Certified program.

We then hand bottle the 100% Pure Local Raw Honey in special 3 & 12 ounce glass jars. The front label (12 oz. only) lists all of the Queens neighborhoods our honey bees might have visited to collect the nectar they used to make this wonderful honey. Each batch will be different as each apiary and each season produces different flavors of honey.


Magnanini Farm Winery Honey

Our Hyper-Local Single Harvest Ulster County Honey. From our apiary at the Magnanini Farm Winery. This apiary was started in 2019, we harvest and bottle each separate harvest in 8oz classic style glass honey jars. We note the month of harvest on the bottom of each jar making this another harvest-specific honey.

Currently the honey is harvested and extracted at the winery by Master Beekeeper Tom Wilk.

Our honey from Magnanini winery is part of the New York State Grown and Certified program.

It is sold at the winery's tasting rooms and used in the restaurant. It also is used in their Honey Grappa distilled on premises. As the apiary grows we expect to also start using it to make a mead. As with all the honey collected from our hives, it is 100% Pure Natural Raw Honey and hand-bottled by Tom Wilk our Master Beekeeper.


Imported Varietal Honey

Our Master Beekeeper Tom Wilk travels frequently to meet new beekeepers. In 2019, he met a company that imports honey from Mexico. These honeys come from different floral sources than any of the varietal honey we have, so we decided to bring some in for our honey aficionados. We hope to find even more exotic honeys to add to our selection in the future. We insist upon the standards we hold ourselves and our other commercial beekeepers to before we acquire any of the Imported 100% Raw Pure Honey.

Like our USA produced honeys, we bottle these imported types in Classic Style Glass Honey Jars of 8 oz. and 16 oz. Please check our store often to see what new types we are able to find. 

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