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Glendale, NY

Welcome to Wilk Apiary


Our History

Wilk Apiary has been keeping colonies of honeybees in Queens County, NY since 2012. We currently have 14 New York City Honeybee Hives and 35 New York State Honeybee Hives.

Beekeeping in New York City Since 2012


Our Honey

We bottle and sell the honey we collect to help defray the costs associated with keeping honeybees and running a business in NYC. Since we cannot depend on our "city bees" to produce enough extra honey each year, we also purchase honey from our commercial beekeeping friends and market it in unique ways.


Contact Us

Have questions for us about our honey or apiaries? Head over to our contact page and send us a message! We are excited to hear from you!

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Join us as we expand to new areas, increase our number of apiaries, and add to the number of honeybee colonies that we maintain in New York.

Learn more about our apiaries and our plan to grow

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